Troy L McCoach
Toms River NJ

In 1965 I received my first amateur radio license, WN0LLM in Osawatomie, Kansas. Operating out of my bedroom, I was using a Heathkit DX-100 with a Hammerlund HQ-110 for a receiver. Back then, 2 Meter AM was available to all novice licensed ham radio operators. I took every advantage of it to use my Heathkit 'Twoer' with a homemade 7 element beam. A year later I took my Technician class license and received a new call 'WA0PZZ'. In 1969, I moved to Toms River, NJ, where, for a short time I was WA2MGD. Unfortunately, I let my license lapse and lost the call. A few years later, in 1973, I retook the Technician license test and received my current call 'WB2FNG'. Within a few months, I built a Heathkit HW-101 and HW-2036A, put up a multi-band beam and a 2 Meter beam and took my General class test. I have had the same license for over 40 years now but was relatively inactive for a few years beginning in 2009. In 2016 I pulled out my old Kenwood TS-940SAT and am now back at it. Since 2017 I am using an Icom IC7300 with a multiband dipole and loving every minute of it.

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